A secret power hides within her…

Phoenix Forsythe and her father seek peace and refuge in the quaint town of Rosewood. After the death of her mother and brother, he's the only family she has left. Then Phoenix discovers the hidden power within her and her secret heritage—she is a Torch, a race of people able to ignite fires at will.

A forbidden love…

Gorgeous—and dangerous—Kai Seaver is a Flood, able to transform into water. His people are the natural enemies of Torches. But an innocent kiss is all it takes to kindle a different kind of fire as a flood of new emotions brings Phoenix and Kai together, in spite of their family's objections.

A town with a lethal secret…

Until recently, Torches and Floods have lived in harmony in Rosewood. But now a string of mysterious arsons threatens that fragile peace. When suspicions point at Phoenix's father, Kai Seaver may be the only one who can help Phoenix. His special abilities make him a huge ally in a firefight—and a very dangerous boyfriend. As the treacherous flames draw closer, Phoenix may be forced to choose: protect her family or be swept away in the tidal wave of her newfound love.

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Amazon Digital Services, eBook, January 2012, ASIN: B006V6D3TM