Everyone said he couldn’t be tamed
It was a sweltering day in August. In a field packed with gorgeous guests, Riggs Rideout—dog model and bad boy bon vivant—found pure gold.

Till one girl stole his heart
Her name was Rosabelle, and it was love at first sniff. For Riggs, that is. Rosabelle was a serious dog with big aspirations; she didn’t need a clown like Riggs holding her back. Even if they’d lived in the same country, it could never work.

An old-fashioned courtship was the only way
Riggs became a Dog of Letters, fearlessly taking on the biggest guns in the canine world and challenging their deeply held beliefs about the human-dog bond. It was a remarkable feat… but would it be enough to win Rosabelle the next summer?

Dogs fall in love, too. When it happens, all you can do is laugh.