Better or Worse in Dog Town

Fate pulled her to Dorset Hills for love once before. Will the second time reveal her true calling?

Twelve years ago, Isla McInnis followed a hunch to Dorset Hills in search of the perfect rescue dog. She found the dog… but the perfect man slipped through her fingers.

Ever since, she’s longed to come back to this fairy-tale town—the town she practically created with an article she wrote praising Dorset Hills as the best place on earth for dogs and dog lovers. Family responsibilities have kept her from following that dream.

Returning at last, Isla finds Dorset Hills isn’t the sweet, charming town she remembers. In the past year, a new mayor has corrupted her vision and turned the place into a circus. Now he’s continuing to collect puppies from premier breeders for an illicit project, and so far, he’s evading the Rescue Mafia.

Isla’s plan to oust the mayor turns into a clever game of political cat and mouse. Solving the mystery of the purloined puppies comes with an unexpected catch, however. First she’ll need to locate the new dog of her dreams and reconnect with the man whose heart she broke all those years ago.

The cards may be stacked against her, but the mayor has one heck of dog fight on his hands in this hilarious and heartwarming conclusion to a year-in-the-life of Dog Town.

If you love dogs, romance, small town capers and cozy mysteries, you will adore this book.

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You can read the Dog Town series in any order. If you want to travel the seasons with the residents of Dorset Hills, however, here is the list: