Hello, and welcome to my website. I’m Sandy Rideout, the author of Golden Boy: How to raise a dog all wrong … and end up all right (A memoir). I’m also the author/coauthor/ghostwriter of more than a dozen other books. Please take a look around to learn more.

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Golden Boy
How to raise a dog all wrong … and end up all right (a memoir—sort of)
by Sandy Rideout

Meet Sandy. She’s a quiet, orderly cat lady. When life hits a rough patch, however, she decides that a dog—loyal, loving, and low key—is just what she needs to shake things up.

Enter Riggs. He’s a 34 lb. Goldendoodle billed as Sandy’s perfect match. It doesn’t seem that way at first. Riggs nips the hand that feeds him—and the butt attached to it, too.

Can a novice dog-owner tame the rogue doodle and turn him into her golden boy? Can Riggs get this hangdog cat lady back on track and having some fun?

Sometimes … you get the dog you need.

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by Sandy Rideout

Dorset Hills is known for its passion for dogs and Christmas. So, when Mim Gardiner’s beloved pooch, George, is stolen on December 20th, it’s a newsworthy event in “Dog Town.” A workaholic nurse, Mim soon learns that George isn’t as sweet she thought. Her sullen teenage son has been letting George get away with murder, and now someone has murderous intent for their dog. Mim’s convinced the culprit is her obnoxious yet gorgeous neighbor, Carver Black, but the list grows as Christmas approaches.

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The Best Kept Secret of the Dog World 
by Pam Headon with Sandy Rideout

Pam Headon draws on her extensive breeding experience to shine a spotlight on this calm, clever, and charming purebred that comes in a medium-sized, allergy-friendly package.

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A Head to Tail Guide
by Sherry Rupke with Sandy Rideout

The Bernedoodle is probably the hottest hybrid in the dog world right now. Reviewers are saying Bernedoodles: A Head to Tail Guide is a great read about a fascinating breeder and the hybrid she’s created.

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