Hello, and welcome to my website. I’m Sandy Rideout, the author of clean romantic comedies for girls of all ages. My latest heartwarming series takes place in a town known for being the best place for dogs and dog-lovers in the world. Each book stands alone, although familiar faces (both human and canine) pop up throughout the series. Expect lots of laughs, a little mystery and a resounding happily-ever-after.

If you enjoy sweet and sassy stories with younger heroines, you’ll love my clean coming of age rom-coms co-written with Yvonne Collins. Learn more about our work at collinsrideout.com.

Great and Small in Dog Town

An elegant heiress. A rundown hobby farm. A rescue that captures the heart of a nation.

Hannah Pemberton is ready to leave big-city life behind for bucolic Dorset Hills. It’s time to settle down and find the dog of her dreams. Adopting dilapidated Runaway Farm is definitely not part of her plan. But when she learns that the property, with its quirky collection of abandoned pets, is at risk of being swallowed up by Dog Town’s relentless expansion, she decides to step out of her heels and into a pair of work boots.

Mayor Bradshaw welcomes Hannah’s fortune back to her hometown … until he realizes she’s protecting land that’s targeted for development. Political bullets start flying as Hannah tries to shelter a motley menagerie that includes a territorial terrier, a pugnacious pig and an eccentric alpaca. The city girl who doesn’t even know how to drive a car gets a crash course in animal husbandry after the City turns against her.

With the farm under siege, Hannah has second thoughts about rural life. But with so many creatures depending on her—and so many friends determined to help—she decides to ride it out. When it becomes clear that the mayor isn’t the only one who wants to wreck Runaway Farm, a daring ploy with a twist of romance may be the only way to tackle this hairy challenge.

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You can read the Dog Town series in any order. If you want to travel the seasons with the residents of Dorset Hills, however, here is the list:

Nine Lives in Dog Town

A pet-phobic PR person. A curious cat. A crisis that could bring Dog Town to its knees.

Evie Springdale doesn’t exactly hate pets, but she sure doesn’t love them. That’s why her move to Dorset Hills to handle public relations for the dog-crazy town comes as a surprise to Nick, her twin brother and a Dog Town convert. What Nick doesn’t know is that Evie’s lost eight political jobs, eight romantic relationships, and survived eight freak accidents. It’s time for a fresh start and she’s determined to make her ninth life completely different.

When she finds an injured cat trapped between the doors of her new house in Dorset Hills, Evie’s feelings about pets are put to the test. And when that cat brings home evidence of a crime that could cause a public relations fiasco, she needs to decide whether to do the right thing … or the job she was hired to do.

One wayward cat, two sweet dogs, a handsome veterinarian, a band of community rebels, a brotherly helping hand and an Easter Festival might just be enough to turn Evie’s ninth life into a stunning success.

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Yours and Mine in Dog Town

One accidental pregnancy. Two people trying to do the right thing. Can their budding relationship survive unexpected puppies?

Sasha Wildwood is shocked to discover her beloved pooch, Tuni, is pregnant just days before a delayed spay operation. Accidental puppies send the wrong message in Dog Town—a “careless owner” message. It’s the kind of thing that could destroy a dog groomer’s thriving new business.

She sets out to find the puppy-daddy, desperately hoping it’s not the neighborhood’s brawny bulldog. The canine Casanova’s arrogant owner isn’t the only one flouting Dog Town’s neuter policy but he might be the most blatant about it. At least, he is until he has something at stake, too.

As Tuni expands, Sasha’s prospects shrink. It’s enough to make her question her choice to start over in Dorset Hills after a nasty split. Will Tuni’s Valentine’s Day delivery break Sasha’s heart again… or give her the second chance at love she deserves?

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The Dog Town Collections

Humor and hounds abound in these heartwarming collections of three fun-filled cozy romantic comedies.

Dorset Hills is famous for being the most dog-friendly place in the world. In Dog Town, the furry rascals, rescues and rogues are at the center of every love story, every mystery and every small-town scandal. This charming series of romantic comedies has just enough suspense to keep you turning the pages till the happily-every-after arrives.

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Calm and Bright in Dog Town

A Christmas Eve lovers’ quarrel. A frantic search for the perfect, furry gift. Will a Dog Town Christmas miracle be enough to heal the rift?

Flynn doesn’t want a new dog. When her beloved shepherd, Majesty, passed away she vowed never again. Maj was the dog of Flynn’s heart and the muse to her art. Six months later, she’s still shaken and her cartooning career is floundering.

Husband Denver longs for a new canine companion, especially since Majesty only had eyes for Flynn. More than anything, however, he wants to see his grieving wife happy again.

A Christmas Eve spat sends Flynn on an urgent mission to surprise Denver with a new dog. How hard could it be to find a cuddly four-legged gift in just a few hours? It is Dog Town, after all.

Friends old and new join Flynn’s frantic and funny search for Denver’s ideal dog. Can the magic of Christmas deliver a minor miracle? Is there a tiny space left in Flynn’s heart for just the right pooch?

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Tried and True in Dog Town

She’s the new judge in Dog Court. Someone is out to reveal her fuzzy, four-legged secret. Will rascal Hank cause a big enough scandal to get her fired?

Marti Forrester hates saying no, especially to the Mayor of Dorset Hills. So when he appoints her to preside over Dog Court, she reluctantly steps into the robes—even though Hank, her loveable mutt, is the poster dog for poor training. Hank's crazy antics even caused a rift with husband Oliver.

Now Marti is scrambling to cover Hank’s dirty tracks and avoid political mayhem. Can she do some good for the bad dogs of Dog Town despite this canine conflict of interest?

When someone threatens to expose Marti and Hank, she digs deep into the secrets of Dog Town's old guard. The politics turn nasty, giving her exactly the push she needs to say yes to doing the right thing… for Hank, for Oliver, and for Dog Town itself.

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Lost and Found in Dog Town

A mischievous mutt goes missing in Dog Town. Is it a prank, or something more nefarious? Can Mim solve the riddle and bring her beloved pup home by Christmas?

No one would steal the precious pooch of a dedicated nurse and single mom—especially not in dog-friendly Dorset Hills at Christmas. It’s unthinkable. Yet Mim Gardiner is forced to consider the possibility when George disappears from his own backyard one snowy night. She’s been working overtime and letting things slide on the home front. Is someone trying to teach her a lesson?

The dashing new neighbor with the chip on his shoulder has complained about George’s barking. It turns out he’s not the only one with a grudge against Mim’s scrappy little charmer. Still, nobody would deliberately harm George. It would be a crime against all that’s holy in Dog Town.

But why isn’t the City taking George’s disappearance seriously? Mim feels lost until a bold band of rebels come to her aid. Can old friends, new allies and a handsome hero help connect the dots and find little dog George before the big day?

This page-turner will warm your heart, make you laugh, and keep you guessing right up to Christmas Eve. Get it now!

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A Match Made in Dog Town

Pooches are her passion. Someone is out to shut down her shelter. Can she save her rescues and her home before it's too late?

Bridget Linsmore is a scruffy rebel with a soft spot for four-legged friends. Known as the matchmaker to the mutts, she rehabilitates rescues to help them find their forever home. But to secure her own perfect house, she must make her next rescue dog pageant a success despite a new mayor whose vision for the city doesn’t include the quaint tradition.

As her best friend attempts a modern makeover on Bridget and the pageant itself, a series of neighbor complaints throws a wrench in the rescuer’s plans. She suspects the wealthy developer next door but the attraction growing on both sides of the fence is hard to deny. When the complaints turn to deadly sabotage, Bridget has one chance to save her pageant, her home, and her precious pooches before tragedy strikes.

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Bitter & Sweet in Dog Town

Two unexpected homecomings to a dog-crazy town. A secret that binds three hearts to the past. Can one spoiled beagle sniff out the truth at last?

Remi Malone has conquered lifelong shyness with help from Leo, her unofficial therapy dog. The promotion she craves is finally within reach. All she needs to do is land a big donation for the hospital foundation from a visiting heiress.

Hannah Pemberton isn’t thrilled about being back in Dorset Hills to open an exhibit of her late mother’s art. “Dog Town” has become a joke and the visit is stirring up old ghosts. She can’t even remember Remi, the hometown advocate.

Tiller Iverson broke Remi’s heart in high school and left town 12 years ago. Now he’s back with his annoying dog, using his charm on Hannah to win the donation and the job Remi wants. He only has Labor Day weekend to pull it off.

Everyone’s stressed… even Leo. And when Leo’s misdeeds get him barred from duty, Remi’s budding confidence is shaken. She’ll never get the second chance she deserves without her canine sidekick.

But in Dorset Hills, where there’s a dog there’s usually a way.

Bitter & Sweet in Dog Town is the first book in a series of heartwarming romantic comedies set in a quirky but quaint town where the dogs always steal the spotlight.

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The Black Sheep

Just a guy and a girl… and a million viewers.

Kendra Bishop is so frustrated with her conservative parents that she agrees to swap families as part of a reality TV show called The Black Sheep. Leaving Manhattan behind, she joins the free-spirited Mulligans in Monterey, California, along with their five kids, a pet ferret and an ever-present camera crew.

Just down the hall is Mitch, her hot new TV “brother.” Too bad Mitch wants nothing to do with Kendra or the cameras that have invaded his life. But when Kendra embraces the family’s environmental cause at the aquarium, Mitch starts to thaw. As things heat up between them, Judy, the show’s scheming producer, shamelessly exploits their budding romance for ratings.

With the nation watching, can Kendra outwit Judy and discover the true meaning of love and family? Can she ever go home again, even if she wants to?

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