Hello, and welcome to my website. I’m Sandy Rideout, the author of comic fiction for adults and teens. My latest series of heartwarming romantic comedies takes place in a quirky but quaint town where the dogs always steal the spotlight. Each book stands alone, although familiar faces (both human and canine) pop up throughout the series. You can read them in any order. Expect lots of laughs, a little mystery and happily ever afters.

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Bitter & Sweet in Dog Town

Two unexpected homecomings to a dog-crazy town. A secret that binds three hearts to the past. Can one spoiled beagle sniff out the truth at last?

Remi Malone has conquered lifelong shyness with help from Leo, her unofficial therapy dog. The promotion she craves is finally within reach. All she needs to do is land a big donation for the hospital foundation from a visiting heiress.

Hannah Pemberton isn’t thrilled about being back in Dorset Hills to open an exhibit of her late mother’s art. “Dog Town” has become a joke and the visit is stirring up old ghosts. She can’t even remember Remi, the hometown advocate.

Tiller Iverson broke Remi’s heart in high school and left town 12 years ago. Now he’s back with his annoying dog, using his charm on Hannah to win the donation and the job Remi wants. He only has Labor Day weekend to pull it off.

Everyone’s stressed… even Leo. And when Leo’s misdeeds get him barred from duty, Remi’s budding confidence is shaken. She’ll never get the second chance she deserves without her canine sidekick.

But in Dorset Hills, where there’s a dog there’s usually a way.

Bitter & Sweet in Dog Town is the first book in a series of heartwarming romantic comedies set in a quirky but quaint town where the dogs always steal the spotlight.


You can read the Dog Town series in any order. If you want to travel the seasons with the residents of Dorset Hills, however, here is the list:

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A Match Made in Dog Town

Pooches are her passion. Someone is out to shut down her shelter. Can she save her rescues and her home before it’s too late?

Bridget Linsmore is a scruffy rebel with a soft spot for four-legged friends. Known as the matchmaker to the mutts, she rehabilitates rescues to help them find their forever home. But to secure her own perfect house, she must make her next rescue dog pageant a success despite a new mayor whose vision for the city doesn’t include the quaint tradition.

As her best friend attempts a modern makeover on Bridget and the pageant itself, a series of neighbor complaints throws a wrench in the rescuer’s plans. She suspects the wealthy developer next door but the attraction growing on both sides of the fence is hard to deny. When the complaints turn to deadly sabotage, Bridget has one chance to save her pageant, her home, and her precious pooches before tragedy strikes.

A Match Made in Dog Town is part of the Dog Town series of romantic comedies. If you like laugh-out-loud tales, delightful characters, and small-town capers, then you’ll love Sandy Rideout’s light-hearted novels.

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Lost and Found in Dog Town

A mischievous mutt is missing. A dognapper is playing a dangerous game. Can she solve the riddle without putting her beloved pup and her family at risk?

Why would anyone steal the dog of a hardworking community nurse and single mom? And at Christmas, no less—the biggest day on the Dorset Hills social calendar.

But there’s a side to sweet George that Mim never knew. She’s always been a little blind to the males in her life. That’s a mistake she won’t make again with Carver Black, the handsome neighbor with the chip on his shoulder.

Carver wanted George gone… but he wasn’t the only one. Suspects are popping up all over and Dog Town isn’t taking the situation seriously. Christmas has always made the city silly and this year is worse than ever. When the threats turn deadly, Mim puts her safety on the line to protect her home and family. But will it be enough?

Lost and Found in Dog Town is part of the Dog Town series of romantic comedies. If you like heartwarming and hilarious stories with a touch of mystery, then you’ll love Sandy Rideout’s light-hearted novels.


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Tried and True in Dog Town

She’s the new judge in Dog Court. Someone is out to reveal her four-legged secret. Can she save her dog, her job and her marriage before it’s too late?

Marti Forrester hates saying no, especially to the Mayor of Dorset Hills. When he appoints her to preside over Dog Court, she steps up—even though Hank, her loveable mutt, is the poster dog for poor training. Hank’s misdeeds nibbled away at her marriage until husband Oliver took a break…and the dog.

Now Hank is back and she’s scrambling to cover his dirty tracks to avoid a scandal. Can she do some good for the bad dogs of Dog Town despite this canine conflict of interest?

When someone threatens to expose Marti and imperil Hank, she digs deep into the secrets of Dog Town’s old guard. The politics turn deadly, giving her one chance to save her beloved pooch and her floundering marriage before she loses them forever.

Tried and True in Dog Town is part of the “Dog Town” series of romantic comedies. If you like charming small-town capers with lots of heart and a little mystery, you’ll love Sandy Rideout’s novels.

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Golden Boy: How to raise a dog all wrong … and end up all right (a memoir—sort of)

Meet Sandy. She’s a quiet, orderly cat lady. When life hits a rough patch, however, she decides that a dog—loyal, loving, and low key—is just what she needs to shake things up.

Enter Riggs. He’s a 34 lb. Goldendoodle billed as Sandy’s perfect match. It doesn’t seem that way at first. Riggs nips the hand that feeds him—and the butt attached to it, too.

Can a novice dog-owner tame the rogue doodle and turn him into her golden boy? Can Riggs get this hangdog cat lady back on track and having some fun?

Sometimes … you get the dog you need.

Golden Boy - How to raise a dog all wrong … and end up all right - A memoir (sort of)

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