Barbets: The Best Kept Secret of the Dog World

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Never heard of a Barbet? That's no surprise, because this rare breed is still a hidden treasure. Dog lovers are only starting to discover the appeal of this calm, clever, and charming purebred that comes in a medium-sized, allergy-friendly package. A versatile and sturdy breed that once graced the palaces and marshes of France, the Barbet population dwindled to near-extinction before dedicated breeders staged its comeback.

In Barbets: The Best Kept Secret of the Dog World, Pam Headon of Willow Creek Water Dogs draws on her extensive breeding experience to shine a spotlight on this canine gem. A long-time fan of Portuguese Water Dogs, Headon calls the Barbet a “decaffeinated” version of the spirited Portie and a wonderful companion dog. This primer covers all the essentials, from finding a reputable breeder who does required health checks, to care, training and grooming. Headon also shares an insider's look at the complicated world of dog breeding. Beautiful photos and owner testimonials will make you wonder how this amazing breed remained a secret for so long.

Pam Headon grew up among dogs and horses on an Ontario hobby farm. She began breeding Portuguese Water Dogs in 1998 and Barbets in 2006. Her conscientious, humane, and effective program has made her a leading breeder of Barbets in North America. Learn more at

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