Bernedoodles: A Head to Tail Guide

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What exactly is a Bernedoodle? It's cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle, and according to fans of this newcomer to the hybrid world, it's downright adorable.

Sherry Rupke of SwissRidge Kennels was the first breeder to deliberately cross Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles. Rupke loved everything about the Bernese, except for the short-lived breed's genetic propensity for cancer. Plus it sheds. And it can be a little stubborn.

Rupke decided to add Poodle to the hybrid equation to create an intelligent, lively, healthy and low- to non-shedding dog. Over the past decade, she's built her Bernedoodle program with care to ensure that each scrupulously health-checked breeding dog has an impeccable pedigree, a calm temperament, and great conformation.

Bernedoodles: A Head to Tail Guide takes readers on a journey from Rupke's early days of breeding purebred dogs to establishing her highly successful hybrid program. This comprehensive, easy-to-read and entertaining book also covers everything you need to know about finding the right breeder and puppy, to caring for your Bernedoodle. You'll discover the best training techniques for Bernedoodles (and any dog) from Rupke's partner, Lucas Mucha.

Anecdotes from owners of SwissRidge Bernedoodles, along with stunning photos, are likely to convince you that this fun, fun, affectionate, and allergy-friendly hybrid is the perfect companion dog.

Sherry Rupke began breeding dogs at age 15. A certified Veterinary Technician, Rupke set a goal of producing healthy, happy hybrids dogs that suit any family. The result is a widespread and growing community of satisfied clients. You can learn more about Sherry's breeding program at and

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“Without Sandy, this book would still be in my very long ‘to do' list. A dog novice until recently, Sandy has gone above and beyond in getting to know me, my business, and my clients. I can't thank her enough for the time she has put into this book and helping me capture exactly what I wanted to say. I've been impressed with the way she handled this project and the research involved. I'm so glad our paths crossed.”
   —Sherry Rupke, SwissRidge Kennels

Reader Reviews

Wonderful, Well-Written, Comprehensive and BEAUTIFUL
Sherry's book is excellent. It is comprehensive, covering everything from history of the breeds to natural remedies for whatever may ail your pup. There is also a fantastic section on training, complete with FAQs, and detailed instructions on how to bond with your new puppy. As an expectant mom (My family of six is awaiting the birth of a SwissRidge Golden Mountain Doodle), I found this book to put my most common fears about adding a new puppy to our home at rest and give me a good place to start working with my family on what to expect and how to train. This would be a great book for all dog owners and especially all dog lovers. HIGHLY recommend!!

So fun and easy to read, you don't realize how much you are learning
If you could take a peek at my personal library, you would see at least a dozen books on dog care and/or training. I love dogs, always have. Can't remember a time in my life when I did not have dogs as a part of my family. This book is by far the most enjoyable “dog” book I've read. And though you would think I'd know all about dogs by now, I learned so much about this wonderful Bernedoodle breed and dogs in general. What it is I love about this book? It takes you through the history of this awesome Bernedoodle breed; it teaches you how to raise a happy, healthy, well adjusted dog, without making it seem like an impossible task; and it tells the story of a girl who had a dream and made it come true. What could be better than that?

A great book for dog lovers!
I loved this book! It was a fun read with a nice balance of practical tips, fun facts, and personal stories. It has a wealth of information about dogs in general—puppies, training, care, maintenance, etc. (I train dogs and I learned a few things from the section on training.) It's well written and has wonderful photos and detailed descriptions of bernedoodles. Plus, it has an interesting story about Sherry Rupke's quest to create this new hybrid and to make it the best crossbreed it could possibly be. The authors share a deep love and understanding for dogs as well as a sense of humor for the various challenges that dog owners occasionally face. “Bernedoodles: A Head to Tail Guide” is highly recommended if you're interested in dogs or curious about this hybrid.

Hands (& Paws) Down, a MUST READ about this SPECTACULAR Hybrid!
When looking for a puppy, I discovered the Bernedoodle & who better to tell all about them than their creator Sherry Rupke!!! This book is clear, concise, and thoroughly informative. Sherry tells readers everything they need to know about this spectacular hybrid breed!!! From selecting a breeder, to coat types, to training, it's all here! The Bernedoodles pictured are striking! Sherry is completely honest in saying that she created this breed to be a friend and companion combining all the best traits of two wonderful breeds of dogs. I can't recommend this book highly enough to anyone & everyone who is considering bringing home a Bernedoodle (or any dog!) it's a must read! Sandy Rideout & Sherry Rupke have definitely hit a home run with this guide!

This Breed is THE Hottest hybrid
Sherry Rupke's vision, insight, skill and knowledge about breeding Bernedoodles is untouchable. This book is thorough and complete in description of how Sherry created this new hybrid breed that will become in high demand as word spreads of the PERFECT dog for the everyday family. Sandy Rideout's writing is easily understandable; the photographs are crisp & portray the Bernedoodle accurately, and the owner quotes are relatable for every reader and dog owner. This is a MUST-READ!

Fabulous Book
Loved this book! It was the most informative book I have yet to read on puppies. Not only does it cover training of puppies, but things that you should look for before you purchase a puppy. The book was so well written and put together that I was able to read in 2 hours. The information given is something all potential new puppy parents should arm themselves with before getting a puppy. I loved reading Sherry's insights and thought process into breeding the Bernedoodle, it helped me understand so much more about the things I did wrong but also the things I did right in training my Bernedoodle. I came away knowing that all my mess ups can be fixed. This book is a must read!

A wonderful guide for any dog owner!
This book is a wonderful guide, not only for Bernedoodle owners, but for owners of any breed! It includes everything from how to find a reputable breeder, to training your dog, and just about everything in between. It's well written, an easy read, and the pictures…..STUNNING! You will fall in love with the breeder and the breed!!

A head to tail great read!
A well written guide and informative resource on one of the newest hybrid breeds, the Bernedoodle. Sherry Rupke, the first to successfully breed the stunning Bernese Mountain Dog with the lively and intelligent Poodle, shares her secrets on becoming an exceptional breeder. This book is more than just a boring manual on the care, feeding and training of a dog. This book offers the reader an honest look into the life of a breeder. Written with a subtle humor, the book gives the reader valuable tips on the complete care of the Bernedoodle. It offers detailed information on; feeding, grooming, puppy selection, how to choose a good breeder and more. Additionally, Ms. Rupke's life partner, Lucas Mucha, is a dog trainer and handler. Lucas gives his valuable input on the training of dogs. This is a must read for anyone considering this exceptional hybrid, or for anyone interested in the art of breeding dogs.