Libby McIssac is known for two things: catching bridal bouquets and having a way with words.

Since the former isn't something that looks good on a resume, she's parlayed the latter into a new career as a political speechwriter. But just as she's making sure her boss looks as if she knows something about…well, anything, Libby's world is turned upside down.

Enter a handsome British consultant who upsets the delicate chain of command around the office and somehow always gets what he wants. Including Libby?

When a media leak of a big-time scandal sends everyone into a tailspin, Libby fears she may get caught in the crossfire. Cue the fake alliances, the secrets, the sex, the subterfuge and the hidden friendships.

Welcome to the world of politics, where perception is everything, nothing is as it seems and the last thing you want is to be left speechless.

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“An engaging and funny romp.”

“A spirited book—catchy plot—[Collins and Rideout] have proven that comic novels about the lives of young women can be written by Canadians.”
   —The Toronto Star

“In SPEECHLESS, Toronto writers Collins and Rideout have crafted an exceptionally enjoyable and ruthless boss and equally miserable supervisor. Libby's self-deprecating humor is brilliant and her personality lively. The joy in this novel [is] watching Libby's ascension from lowly ‘Lily' to a happier, driven, and confident fabulous female.”
   —Calgary Herald

“Very enjoyable…there are many laugh-out-loud moments as Libby learns a lot about the ‘regular' world of politics in this fast-paced and funny novel.”
   —Romantic Times Book Club

“A laugh fest… The main character was so easy to relate to [and] the authors capture her frustration brilliantly. The characters of Mrs. Cleary and Margo are deliciously evil… Speechless is also a funny lesson in office politics.”

Red Dress Ink, Paperback, February 2004, ISBN: 978-0373250493