The Black Sheep

Just a guy and a girl… and a million viewers.

Kendra Bishop is so frustrated with her conservative parents that she agrees to swap families as part of a reality TV show called The Black Sheep. Leaving Manhattan behind, she joins the free-spirited Mulligans in Monterey, California, along with their five kids, a pet ferret and an ever-present camera crew.

Just down the hall is her hot new TV “brother,” Mitch, who initially wants nothing to do with the show or Kendra. But when she embraces the family’s environmental cause at the aquarium, he warms up … at least until Judy, the show’s scheming producer, shamelessly exploits their budding romance for ratings.

With the nation watching, can Kendra outwit Judy and discover the true meaning of love and family? Can she ever go home again, even if she wants to?

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