Vivien Leigh Reid – Act 1

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Lights, Camera, and My Mother in Action …

The last thing Vivien Leigh Reid wants to do is spend her summer on a film set in Ireland. It may sound glamorous but it means being trapped for six weeks with her mother, movie star diva, Annika Anderson. Annika has legions of fans, but her estranged daughter Leigh is definitely not one of them.

Leigh has no interest in acting, but she jumps at a part in her mom’s film as a way to get closer to the hot Irish co-star, Sean Finlay. Soon she’s sharing scenes and scripts with Annika, and vying for both the spotlight and Sean’s attention.

One small movie 🎥 set isn’t big enough to contain the rising tension. When Leigh catches her mom flirting with Sean, she runs off to Dublin. With no money and nowhere to stay, she’ll need to survive on her wits. Or will Annika step out of the spotlight long enough to find her daughter and bring her back home?

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“Leigh is a likeable, funny, and realistic heroine… [Her] life as a burgeoning young star has a wide appeal thanks to her down-to-earth outlook and her witty personality. Readers would be wise to go back and read the first two books in the series, but it's not necessary to understand or enjoy this newest installment.”

“Leigh's first-person narrative (including fantasy sequences written in script format) is engaging. Fans of Meg Cabot's ‘The Princess Diaries' series will enjoy the inside look at life among the famous and identify with Leigh's romantic travails. Though it's not necessary for readers to be familiar with the previous volumes, they may be in demand once this one hits the shelves.”
   —School Library Journal

“Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout have done a wonderful job developing Leigh's character over the course of this series. While her circumstances may be extraordinary, Leigh is a very believable and likable character, laughing at and learning from her mistakes. With a solid head on her shoulders and a will to succeed, Leigh is the exactly the kind of teen that can succeed in the fast-paced world of Hollywood.”

“This is teen chick lit at its finest! You don't need to read the previous books to enjoy this fun, quick and entertaining novel. The characters are well balanced and charming, and there's the right amount of romance, tension and wit.”
   —Romantic Times

“Collins and Rideout have a talent for clever dialogue, amusing plot and, above all, a delightfully feisty, funny heroine. Some of the best sections are from Leigh's imagination, describing what she'd like to be happening. Written in the form of movie scripts, these are invariably hilarious.”
   —Winnipeg Free Press