Girl v. Boy

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A high school wallflower gets feisty in an anonymous battle-of-the-sexes newspaper column. Will the rival writers still hate each other when the masks come off?

Luisa Perez likes to play it safe on the sidelines, but when she’s asked to pen an anonymous column for the school paper about a city-wide literacy fundraiser, she can’t say no. Writing might just be her ticket to college, and away from her abrasive drop-out sister.

Disguised as “Newshound,” Lu reports on fundraising events from the female perspective, while rival columnist, “Scoop,” offers the male point of view. With an enticing prize on offer, the war of words heats up fast.

In the midst of the school’s epic battle of the sexes, Luisa starts falling for a smart, sweet guy. But can she ever trust him knowing what Scoop has said about the primitive programming in the average male’s brain?

Luisa vows to do whatever it takes to expose Scoop and win the competition for the girls—even if it gets her in deep trouble and costs her an amazing boyfriend. Because all’s fair in love, war and high school journalism, right?

Fans of The Gilmore Girls and classic romantic comedies will love this clean coming-of-age story.

Available Winter 2018