Bitter and Sweet in Dog Town

Two unexpected homecomings to a dog-crazy town. A secret that binds three hearts to the past. Can one spoiled beagle sniff out the truth at last?

Remi Malone has conquered lifelong shyness with help from Leo, her unofficial therapy dog. The promotion she craves is finally within reach. All she needs to do is land a big donation for the hospital foundation from a visiting heiress.

Hannah Pemberton isn’t thrilled about being back in Dorset Hills to open an exhibit of her late mother’s art. “Dog Town” has become a joke and the visit is stirring up old ghosts. She can’t even remember Remi, the hometown advocate.

Tiller Iverson broke Remi’s heart in high school and left town 12 years ago. Now he’s back with his annoying dog, using his charm on Hannah to win the donation and the job Remi wants. He only has Labor Day weekend to pull it off.

Everyone’s stressed… even Leo. And when Leo’s misdeeds get him barred from duty, Remi’s budding confidence is shaken. She’ll never get the second chance she deserves without her canine sidekick.

But in Dorset Hills, where there’s a dog there’s usually a way.

Bitter & Sweet in Dog Town is the first book in a series of heartwarming romantic comedies set in a quirky but quaint town where the dogs always steal the spotlight.

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You can read the Dog Town series in any order. If you want to travel the seasons with the residents of Dorset Hills, however, here is the list:

Reader Reviews

Short, sweet and funny .. and not just the dogs!

Short sweet and hilarious. Bitter and Sweet in Dog Town is a lovely book full of interesting and quirky characters and some wonderful, charming dogs. The dogs are the stars of this book although they are not always well behaved. There is more to come from Dog Town and in this book the author has cleverly introduced us to characters we are going to love in future books. I definitely recommend this book to dog fans everywhere .. and to anyone who wants a good, light hearted read.

A lovely romcom with quirky characters & where the dogs are the stars.

Talk about scene stealing! That's what the revered dogs in this seaside town do! It was a great quick read full of humour, angst, insecurity, revelation, true friendship & a rekindling an old flame that was thought to have long ago burnt to ashes. So well written, you really don't want to miss this gem. Even if you're a cat person you will still enjoy this book.