Bad for Business

Can you put a price on love? Kali, Zahra and Syd sure can. Especially when so many romance-challenged teens are willing to pay for their help.

Fun, flirtatious Kali is cautious about commitment herself—no big surprise when your mom has racked up multiple divorces—but she’s a diehard romantic when it comes to bringing other people together. What’s more, her end-to-end makeovers can transform the most socially-challenged client into a confident charmer. The “Kali Method” she develops helps Love, Inc. expand beyond what the girls had dared hope.

But when a competitor steals the Kali Method and corrupts it to turn average guys into devious players, Kali is forced to rethink her views on love. Can she come up with a plan to reclaim Love, Inc.’s trade secrets before every girl in Texas gets her heart broken… including her own?

Find out by grabbing this clean, hilarious coming of age story now!