Vivien Leigh Reid – Act 2

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From Dud to Diva in Under Eight Weeks …

Vivien Leigh Reid happily heads to Hollywood for a second summer with her diva mom, Annika Anderson. It’s a chance to rescript their relationship, learn her chops in a prestigious acting school, and spend some time with her long-distance Irish boyfriend.

After a few acting classes, Leigh lands the part of a young diva on a popular soap opera and it doesn’t take long for life to imitate art. In less time than it takes to read a bad script, Leigh virtually transforms to suit the new role. Annika disapproves of method acting, but Leigh can’t worry about that now—not when her career has hit an all-time high and the hottest guy in her acting class is making a play for her.

As the line between acting and real-life blurs, Leigh’s relationships with friends, colleagues, and her sweet boyfriend are thrown into chaos. Leigh’s character arc is starting to parallel her mother’s in scary ways. Annika may be the ultimate diva, but she has a thing or two to teach Leigh about handling fame, runaway egos, and guys—especially how to spot a true diamond among the Hollywood fakes.

It takes more than being a diva to survive the shark-infested waters of La-La Land. Can Leigh handle the pressure or will she become another Hollywood has-been?

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