Vivien Leigh Reid: Supernova

Vivien Leigh Reid Book 2

Clash of the divas, round two…

All it takes is one wild drive and a humiliating dinner in the heart of Hollywood to make sixteen-year-old Vivien Leigh Reid question her decision to spend another summer with her flashy movie star mother, Annika Anderson. Last summer's “mother/daughter bonding time” on a movie set in Ireland eventually turned out okay, but Annika is still the same world-class diva, and Leigh is determined never to be like her.

The bumpy road to romance…

Leigh's also desperate to overcome Annika's “bad relationship genes” and make things work with long-distance boyfriend, Rory, whose clever Irish wit continues to entrance her. She can hardly wait for his visit to Los Angeles. In the meantime, classes at a prestigious acting school lead Leigh to a role on a hot TV soap opera playing, of all things, a teenage diva. They also lead to her classmate, Gray, with his blinding good looks, his Hollywood pedigree, and a secret agenda of his own.

Being a diva might just be hereditary…

But Leigh has a few diva-like tendencies herself and soon the line between acting and real-life blurs, throwing Leigh's relationships with friends, colleagues, and even sweet Rory into chaos. Leigh's story is starting to parallel Annika's in scary ways. While Annika is the ultimate diva, she may have a thing or two to teach Leigh about handling fame, runaway egos, guys, and how to spot a true diamond among the fakes. It takes more than being a diva to survive the shark-infested waters of Hollywood.

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Note: Vivien Leigh Reid: Supernova was previously published as Now Starring Vivien Leigh Reid.


“Pop-culture fun with a moral… Extreme diva behavior in both characters makes for a juicy read.”
   —School Library Journal

“In the same witty, rebellious, but reflective voice of [the first book], this sequel finds sixteen-year-old Leigh spending the second summer with her B-movie diva mother; Annika… The plot line and humor will grab junior and senior high school female readers…”

“I can't say enough wonderful things about this book. It is hilarious, the characters are well developed and likable, and Vivien Leigh's dreams of becoming a starlet will touch the hearts of those who read this book… A super book!”
   —Children's Literature

“Teen chick lit at its coolest.”
   —The National Post

“This book was a great continuation to Introducing Vivien Leigh Reid. It's not often that a sequel is as good or even better than the original… You can't put it down.”