Totally Me: The Teenage Girl's Survival Guide

Navigating today's complex world can be tough for anyone, but there's a survival guide to help you find your way with sass and style. Funny and insightful, Totally Me gives you all the information you need to master the girl world—and have a great time. With Totally Me at your side, you'll learn the real deal on boys, parents and friends.

Short on boring lectures and full of fun quizzes, stories and advice, Totally Me is the ultimate guide to finding the real you!

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Totally Me is the kind of book you wish you'd had when you were faced with turning teen: Excellent common sense advice… from the modern ages… with a humorous delivery.”
   —Where Toronto Magazine


The world today is exciting for teenage girls…and sometimes a little scary. Totally Me is the ultimate survival guide to help smart girls find their way and have fun doing it. With a fun, reassuring tone that’s easy to read, Totally Me helps girls navigate the most important things in their lives, like:

The wide world of boys—what are they thinking, anyway?
Parent stuff: cool tips on how to get along better.
Best friends: learn to make memories that last a lifetime.
Self-esteem: staying cool and confident no matter what.

With fun quizzes, a cool design, and ‘girlie’ language, Totally Me is the perfect book for any girl entering her teen years.

Adams Media Corporation, Paperback, September 2004, ISBN: 978-1593372484