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The Dog Town Collection

Humor and hounds abound in this heartwarming collection of four fun-filled cozy romantic comedies.

Dorset Hills is famous for being the most dog-friendly  🐶 place in the world. In Dog Town, the furry rascals, rescues and rogues are at the center of every love story, every mystery and every small-town scandal. This charming series of romantic comedies has just enough suspense to keep you turning the pages till the happily-every-after arrives.

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Bitter and Sweet in Dog Town – Remi Malone has conquered lifelong shyness with help from Leo, her beloved beagle. The promotion she craves is finally within reach. When Tiller Iverson returns 12 years after their high school heartbreak, old wounds open and trouble ensues. Leave it to beagle Leo to sniff out secrets and second chances. In Dorset Hills, where there’s a dog, there’s usually a way.

♥ A Match Made in Dog Town – Bridget Linsmore is Dog Town’s resident matchmaker – a local legend who pairs trained dogs with new owners at her Thanksgiving Rescue Dog Pageant. This year, she’ll need to rescue her pageant, her home and her lovable pack from a mysterious threat. Could the enemy next door possibly be the man of her dreams?

♥ Lost and Found in Dog Town – A mischievous mutt goes missing at Christmas. Is it a prank, or something more nefarious? Mim Gardiner and a bold band of rescuers join forces to solve the riddle and bring home her beloved pup for the big day. The number one suspect may turn out to be the hero she needs.

♥ Tried and True in Dog Town When the mayor appoints Marti Forrester to preside over Dog Court, she steps up despite her misgivings. Hank, her sweet pup, is hardly a model mutt and she’s fallen out with husband Oliver over the dog’s antics. She’ll need to hide her furry little secret long enough to do some good for Dog Town’s canine rascals. Will her efforts be enough to heal the rift with Oliver?

You can read the Dog Town series in any order. If you want to travel the seasons with the residents of Dorset Hills, however, here is the list:

What Readers are Saying…

“I rarely pass up an opportunity to read romance with adorable dogs as sidekicks, and this one didn't disappoint. Bitter and Sweet is a nice introduction to Dog Town, a very dog-friendly town. Wrapped in a second-chance romance and walks down memory lane with all the attendant emotions.”
Bitter and Sweet in Dog Town review

“This book is a suspenseful read that will have you trying to guess who the culprit is. If you’re not a fan of rescue dogs, you will be after reading this amazing book. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.”
– A Match Made in Dog Town review

“A heartwarming story of a kidnapped dog and the town that came to his rescue. Wish there were truly towns like this because I would be moving there in a heartbeat. I think every story in this series gets better and better.”
Lost and Found in Dog Town review

“What a heart-warming tale! … It’s a page-turner with a happy ending and a host of happy dogs and owners.”
Tried and True in Dog Town review