Lost and Found in Dog Town

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A mischievous mutt is missing. A dognapper is playing a dangerous game. Can she solve the riddle without putting her beloved pup and her family at risk?

Why would anyone steal the dog of a hardworking community nurse and single mom? And at Christmas, no less—the biggest day on the Dorset Hills social calendar.

But there’s a side to sweet George that Mim never knew. She’s always been a little blind to the males in her life. That’s a mistake she won’t make again with Carver Black, the handsome neighbor with the chip on his shoulder.

Carver wanted George gone… but he wasn’t the only one. Suspects are popping up all over and Dog Town isn’t taking the situation seriously. Christmas has always made the city silly and this year is worse than ever. When the threats turn deadly, Mim puts her safety on the line to protect her home and family. But will it be enough?

Lost and Found in Dog Town is part of the Dog Town series of romantic comedies. If you like heartwarming and hilarious stories with a touch of mystery, then you’ll love Sandy Rideout’s light-hearted novels.


You can read the Dog Town series in any order. If you want to travel the seasons with the residents of Dorset Hills, however, here is the list: