A Match Made in Dog Town

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Pooches are her passion. Someone is out to shut down her shelter. Can she save her rescues and her home before it’s too late?

Bridget Linsmore is a scruffy rebel with a soft spot for four-legged friends. Known as the matchmaker to the mutts, she rehabilitates rescues to help them find their forever home. But to secure her own perfect house, she must make her next rescue dog pageant a success despite a new mayor who wants to put the event out to pasture.

As her best friend attempts a modern makeover on Bridget and the pageant itself, a series of neighbor noise complaints throws a wrench in the trainer’s plans. While she suspects the wealthy developer next door is the one barking, she finds herself panting over his charms. When the complaints turn to deadly sabotage, Bridget has one chance to save her pageant, her home, and her precious pooches before the territorial terror sends her to the pound.

A Match Made in Dog Town is the second charming book in the Dog Town series of romantic comedies. If you like laugh-out-loud tales, delightful characters, and small-town capers, then you’ll love Sandy Rideout’s light-hearted novel.

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