Vivien Leigh Reid: Rising Star

Vivien Leigh Reid Book 1

The best laid plans…

Fifteen-year-old Vivien Leigh Reid has plans for the summer. Plans that don't include six weeks in a rainy foreign country, getting to know her estranged movie star mother, Annika Anderson. Despite her furious protests, Leigh's dad ships her off to Ireland where she'll be her mom's personal assistant on the set of her latest film.

When Irish eyes are smiling…

Annika may be a cold-hearted diva, but her gorgeous young co-star, Sean Finlay, has Leigh all hot and bothered. Unfortunately, Sean only has eyes for Annika. And Annika only has eyes for the unavailable director, Roger. When Leigh lands a bit-part in the movie, she finds herself not only sharing scenes and scripts with her mother, but vying for the spotlight—and Sean's affections.

One diva is too many…

But one small movie set isn't big enough for two divas. Tensions rise as the diva and her daughter clash off and on the set. There's no script, and no predictable happy ending as they tackle the toughest roles of their lives: acting like a mother and daughter.

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Note: Vivien Leigh Reid: Rising Star was previously published as Introducing Vivien Leigh Reid.


“Read it after you've seen all of the summer blockbusters: Leigh's on-set adventures are the next best thing.”

“Collins and Rideout tell a familiar story with fresh energy and interesting characters, casting Leigh as a likable, spunky American teen discovering new talents and an appreciation for all things Irish. Readers will have fun watching Leigh catch the acting bug and cheer her on as she holds her own with her diva mother.”

“The story is witty, unpredictable, and well written. A unique setting and likeable characters will keep readers interested.”

An engaging crew of quirky characters makes the progression of the mother and daughter's relationship well worth following. Readers who enjoy Meg Cabot's “The Princess Diaries” and Louise Rennison's “Georgia Nicholson” series will want to know what Leigh does next.
   —School Library Journal

“Witty, charming, and laugh-out-loud funny…A hilarious behind-the-scenes look into one girl's journey from small time to the big screen.”
   —Alyson Noël, author of Faking 19